This is a place to share information about Sand Lake and the Rainbow Drive Homeowners Association.  It is periodically updated as new informatio becomes available.  The goal is to assist members in obtaining knowledge about the lake, Rainbow Drive, and related activities.
Even though the name is "Rainbow Drive Homeowners Association", the bylaws state that "...membership consists of property owners of the area known as the Charles E. Wright Plat and the West Point Addition Plat."

Some ideas being considered are:
   * Have members email addresses available so that information can be made available quickly.
   * Possibly have a a discussion site where ideas can be shared.
   * Provide information related to the interraction between Sand Lake and Lake Templene.

I will work with our president, Bob Herrington, or anyone else in the association, in developing this site.  If you have suggestions, or comments, please email them to me at my email address:

Please take a moment to sign my guest book
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Visits since 12/19/2008
Our last meeting was on Saturday, September 1, 2012 - Labor Day weekend.  The meeting minutes should be available soon. 
The Association decided at a previous meeting to have an informal Neighborhood Watch program partly based on information from the following web site:

This was a direct link to the actual document being used as a guide.  It appears to no longer be available at this site:

A big THANK YOU to John Tarnowski for the new road sign that we have at the entrance to Rainbow Drive.
A new section of this site has been started.  It can be accessed by clicking on "The Lake" tab above.  It will provide information for 4 areas relating to Sand Lake
1.  Sand Lake area Photos
2.  Lake Quality
3.  Lake Level and Assessment
4.  Ideas for the creation of a lakewide Sand Lake Association
A page for pictures of Sand Lake and the Rainbow drive area has been started.  It can be accessed from the "Photos" tab above.  If you are a member and have provided your email address to the association, you can contribute photos to be included.  See instructions at the bottom of the Photos page.
What's Hot on Rainbow Drive
If you are a homeowner on Rainbow Drive and would like to be on the email list to receive periodic information from the association, please make sure that president Bob Herrington has your current email address, and update it when it changes.  Bob can be reached at
Note:  This web site should now be accessed by going directly to
John Tarnowski's latest Weed Report of August 24, 2012  can be  read it by clcking here.
The Lake Templene web site has posted the following
"The St Joseph County Drain office received a confirmation, Friday September 14 , that there will not be a draw down this year."